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The Dunamis Fellowship's Annual Gathering

Every year we invite people with a Dunamis-connection to gather for a few days together. Registration for the 2018 event has now closed, but we would love you to join with us next year (details will be posted here as soon as a date is arranged). You are welcome to attend this event, whether or not you are a 'member' of the Dunamis Fellowship.

Details for the 2019 Annual Gathering will be posted here once they have been arranged.


2018 event - Resource Documents

A detailed copy of the timetable which, as always, is subject to change depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit.
Pattern Language
An explanation and detailed description of the information presented about PRMI's Pattern Language

Joining the Dunamis Fellowship

Information about joining the Dunamis Fellowship, including the brochure and a print-friendly version of the form, can be found here.