We equip believers
to advance the Kingdom of God
through Holy Spirit empowered ministry.

Dunamis Topics

Six topics form the core teaching of Dunamis. Beginning with foundational groundwork about the person and work of the Holy Spirit, subsequent Dunamis events explore in depth the issues surrounding spiritual gifts, prayer, healing, spiritual conflict and missions and evangelism.

Each event is self-contained, but does draw on some previous material. For maximum benefit it is best to start at the beginning, but this is not compulsory!

For participants who join the series after the first retreat, 'Gateways Catch-Up' sessions are held at all subsequent events. These provide a brief, condensed version of the foundational 'Gateways' teaching upon which the later retreats are based.

1 : Gateways to Empowered Ministry

How do culture, experience and Scripture affect our view of the world? What is spiritual reality, and how should we understand the nature and work of the Holy Spirit? We study the nature of the Spirit's power in Jesus' life and in the Church, and pray for infilling with the Holy Spirit.

2 : In the Spirit's Power

This event explores in depth the dynamic of cooperation with the Holy Spirit, guidelines for listening to God and discerning His guidance, and the function of gifts and manifestations of the Holy Spirit within this dynamic.

3 : The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the powerhouse of the Christian faith, and this event looks at growing in intimacy with Jesus Christ through the practice of prayer. It including learning to listen to God, the work of intercessory prayer, revival, and praying with vision and power.

4 : Jesus' Healing Ministry

Examines Jesus' healing ministry as our model for praying for both physical and inner healing. Theory and practical application help equip participants for this ministry in their own lives and in the church.

5 : Spiritual Warfare

The struggle against the world, the flesh and the devil is very real yet often ignored. This Dunamis looks at the reality of the demonic realm, wisdom in discernment, personal deliverance ministry, spiritual warfare and kingdom advancement.

6 : Listening Evangelism

Considers God's vision for evangelism within a Reformed church context. The material helps to develop an understanding of evangelism and also practical skills in listening to, and co-operating with, the Holy Spirit in this task.

Dunamis DNA

The values and characteristics that characterise the Dunamis Project.

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Dunamis 1 :
Gateways to Empowered Ministry

Outline of the teaching topics for the foundational event of the Dunamis Project.

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