We equip believers
to advance the Kingdom of God
through Holy Spirit empowered ministry.

Teaching Courses


Jesus promised 'Power from on high'

Explore Biblical teaching about what the Spirit does and what that means for us in practice today. Six in-depth, 5-day long equipping events.  Topics include co-operating with the Spirit, prayer, healing, spiritual warfare, evangelism.


An Approach : Not a Programme

How can leaders and churches discern and cooperate with the Spirit's activity? Discover practical principles for keeping in step with leading of the Holy Spirit. Not merely another church programme, but an approach that underpins the breadth of a church's programmes and activities.  Conference details via the Growing the Church website (sister site).


Online opportunities

Four modules from the full Dunamis Project, adapted online for self-study or small groups. Videos and manuals are provided via the Dunamis Institute website, free of charge (external link).