We equip believers
to advance the Kingdom of God
through Holy Spirit empowered ministry.



Teaching Materials

Includes sample chapters from the Dunamis Video Course, and a study of the two distinct Greek words for 'filled' (pletho & pleroo) used to describe the work of the Holy Spirit

Download some study and teaching materials.


Guided personal encounters with God

The Walk of Encounter is a simple but powerful form of engagement with God that combines verses of scripture with journey (think: Reformed version of the Stations of the Cross).

Download some sample Walks.


Videos - Dunamis 'Gateways'

UK video and audio of the Gateways Video Course - covers the foundational Biblical teaching about the Holy Spirit.

Download Video and audio of the Gateways Video Course.


Gift Aid & Finances

Gift Aid forms plus annual financial statements.

Download Gift Aid forms plus annual financial statements.


Team Guidelines

Resources for event Leadership Teams, plus safeguarding documents.

Download resources for leadership teams.


Discerning the Spirit

Put the Dunamis "Discernment Tests" in your pocket for handy reference - a simple and brief guide, using questions and notes from our Dunamis Project #2 "In the Spirit's Power".

Click here to get it on Google Play.